Inner Balance – 30ml


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A 5:1 acid-rich women’s health formula made with Moon Made Farms flower rosin, this product is the truest expression of full spectrum plant medicine. Made with infusions of nettle, olive leaf, passionflower and cramp bark (some grown on our family farm), this multi-herb tincture contains immune boosting, mood lifting and anti-inflammatory properties that target a number of female health concerns. This CBD/A-rich tincture contains a therapeutic dose of THCA and THC and is for women of all ages. Strains are Moon Made Farm’s Super CBD and Pineapple Wonder, which have uplifting, mood boosting, energizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Benefits of Inner Balance include:

Acid-rich CBDA and THCA are potent anti-inflammatories for instant relief and to manage inflammation throughout the month. Aids in inflammatory conditions such as painful periods, endometriosis and hot flashes.

– Calms the nervous system and has been effective in individuals suffering from acute anxiety, migraines and other stress conditions


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